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Assisted Living 5 Reasons It Might Be Right For Your Loved One


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Assisted Living

Watching our loved-ones age is never an easy process. As they go from being caregivers, to the ones needing care, we sometimes find ourselves in situations that we were not quite prepared for. It can be a very emotional time, full of difficult decisions. Our desire of wanting to enable our loved ones to live with autonomy is weighed against their need for more assistance with their individual care. During this time of decision, you may find that an assisted living facility is the right fit for your family.

1. Individual care. Assisted living facilities provide individualized care for your family member. Individualized care for their physical needs, like bathing assistance, incontinence, vision problems and others are included, while still giving the individual freedom to live on their own. This is a much different approach than the “nursing home” style of yesteryear.

2. Dementia care. It may come as a surprise that some assisted living facilities even offer memory care or dementia care options for your loved one based upon their needs. There are a great many options when it comes to this level of care that can be encouraging to those walking this difficult path, but results with patients struggling with memory loss or dementia are very promising.

3. Housing options. While in a traditional nursing accommodation our family member may not get very much choice about their surroundings. In assisted living communities, a client is evaluated & then offered a variety of choices based upon the needs & desires of the individual coming into care.

4. Cost effective. As you search out assisted living facilities there are options that range from economical to astronomical. Oftentimes, though, you can find that the housing, assistance & care options offered in one of these communities is much more affordable than a full time care facility. It might prove to be a great, cost effective option.

5. Quality of life. As people age, they often watch with sadness as those around them pass on. Their neighborhoods change considerably from what they used to be. Many of our elderly struggle with loneliness. An assisted living community gives options for people to be able to interact with others in similar situations, while still maintaining their quality of life. Is painting a passion? Perhaps a room with amazing light or a great view will be inspiration. Are pets important? A safe walking path might be just the thing. Gardening? Raised garden beds in the yard may offer the perfect solution to those no longer able to work on their hands and knees.

Needing assistance in old age is nothing to be ashamed of. It is a fact of life that each person goes through in a different way. Making care available to those we love, while helping them to love the life they were given can make all the difference, and assisted living may just help to meet those needs.

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