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On February 11th, 2019 by Kathryn Sky Blaylock-Tomlinson

Do you know how to remain considerate when all those around you seem to be losing their minds?   No?  Me either!  It is incredibly difficult to rise above the pettiness that I’ve been experiencing lately while going about my business in the world around me.  But, this is where the older generation has much to […]


On February 4th, 2019 by Kathryn Sky Blaylock-Tomlinson

Aging requires much of the human body.  A mere 200 years ago, the life expectancy of the average American was less than 40 years of age.  With the dramatic increase in length of life (due primarily to sanitation measures & advances in medicine) came the expectation that at some point in your life, you’ll probably […]


On January 28th, 2019 by Kathryn Sky Blaylock-Tomlinson

As we become older, surgeries become more common.  Not just because we have more ailments that need to be dealt with, but because science and medicine (as a whole) are advancing to the point that surgeries are more easily performed.  Things are easily done, and with less risk.  Surgeries that used to require the patient […]


On January 21st, 2019 by Kathryn Sky Blaylock-Tomlinson

  Many people wonder how they will make it living on Social Security benefits that they’ve earned while working throughout their lifetime.  While the little bit of extra is nice, it is not usually sufficient to support you at the same lifestyle level you were used to before retirement.   It requires a great deal of […]


On January 10th, 2019 by Kathryn Sky Blaylock-Tomlinson

It is a new year.  With all things new, we tend to have our hopes set very high.  It is common, especially when the year is at it’s start to have high hopes for the things that will change in the coming year.  The bad habits that we’ve formed over the past years, we hope […]


On December 31st, 2018 by Kathryn Sky Blaylock-Tomlinson

If you are lucky enough to live in a place where the snow falls across the landscape periodically in the winter, you know what newness looks like.  For those of you who do not, you’ll have to use your imagination. Imagine the fall season, when everything looks beautiful for awhile.  This quickly gives way to […]


On December 24th, 2018 by Kathryn Sky Blaylock-Tomlinson

In many countries and cultures throughout the world, celebrations of major holidays revolve around loads of particular foods that are only made during that celebration.   In America, the celebration of the Christmas holiday is traditionally centered on a full host of different kinds of food. Because our cultural fingerprint has changed over time, some of […]


On December 18th, 2018 by Kathryn Sky Blaylock-Tomlinson

According to one survey, 16% of Americans have been caregivers to another person in the past year.  That may not seem like a lot, but consider that this is only one year, and that most people have become an unpaid caregiver to someone at least for a short while throughout their lifetime.  Care-giving can be […]


On December 5th, 2018 by Kathryn Sky Blaylock-Tomlinson

Loneliness and isolation have long been known to cause mental health issues for the elderly.  In more recent years, it has also been shown to cause a myriad of physical health issues, as well.  Combatting loneliness, however, does not just happen naturally.  It takes a concerted effort to fight against those feelings on a daily […]


On November 26th, 2018 by Kathryn Sky Blaylock-Tomlinson

In bygone eras, people were known by the types of employment they had and also which types of things they were skilled at making.  If a person was a particularly accomplished spinner or weaver, for instance, people sought them out to have them make their thread or cloth.  If someone was excellent at woodworking, they’d […]


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