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Creative Outlets for the Elderly

Life can be tough.  As we age, many aspects of life become even more difficult than they were before.  Physically, our bodies start to break down, no matter how nicely we’ve treated them in previous years & how we babied them with pure water, healthy meals & daily vitamins.  Looking at society around us, we realize how much more complicated world issues are than when we were young idealists & thought we could save the world.  Family issues tend to get messier the more extended the family becomes.  With all of these difficulties, it’s more important than ever for us to have creative outlets to regain balance in our lives, find genuine enjoyment in beauty & restore hope that things are not so bad.  Often, however, with age come physical limitations that can make it more difficult to enjoy pastimes that were once commonplace.  It may become necessary to alter the things that we’ve done in order to match our newer ability levels, but in some cases it may be more appropriate to find new outlets for our creativity.  Perhaps in the process we’ll surprise ourselves.

Painting.  Whether its watercolour, oils, or acrylic, painting can be a very calming & also very challenging pastime for those who enjoy observing the beauty around them.  If you are new to this medium, consider inviting an instructor to teach a group in your neighborhood or home the basics of this art form.  You may find new friendships forming as you learn new skills. 

Pottery.  Even if you’re not able to throw pots, you can sculpt all different forms of pottery.  It improves fine motor dexterity and strength & gives you something useful when you’re finished!

Photography.  Cameras are everywhere on all different devices.  You could begin with a phone camera while learning the basics of perspective, placement and lighting, then upgrade to other types of photography when you’re able.  Film is becoming popular again.

Cooking.  If you’ve been in a career your entire life, you may not have had the time to devote to trying out all of the amazing flavor combinations that sounded interesting to you as you went about daily life.  NOW is the time!  Invite a few close friends to try out a new taste palette with you.

Music.  Learn an instrument that you’ve always admired.  Join a group of musicians to amplify the experience.

If you are unable to do some of the things on this list, there is yet hope!  Attend an art gallery, a fine restaurant, an opera or symphony, the ballet.  Oftentimes it is enough to observe those things that are beautiful to begin restoring hope that things are not all as tiresome or bad as what they can sometimes seem.  Take a moment to breathe, & then find your own creativity to help inspire those around you.

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