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Employment Opportunities for the Aging

In America, it seems that everyone looks forward to retirement their entire lives.  But what happens when retirement finally arrives?  Oftentimes, people find that they're not entirely fulfilled living a life completely absent of work outside the home.  Sometimes, a little extra cash would be helpful to pay unexpected bills or to have a little extra to give.  Because of this, we'll take a look at a few jobs that are available out there that might be perfectly suited to an older individual that is seeking employment.

First off, you will need to determine if you're seeking employment that pays or seeking more of a volunteer position.  Many places in our country are looking for volunteers to help them fill in gaps where they cannot pay, but that does not mean that the opportunity would be entirely free of perks.  Some charity thrift stores, for instance, seek volunteers to help sort clothing and goods.  In exchange, the volunteers are often offered a chance to look through items first and take a certain amount with them if they (or someone they know) have need of it.  While it's not the same as getting a paycheck, it might be a fine way to supply clothing items to yourself, your children or grandchildren.

Many places are looking for help from people that have experience and useful training, as well as genuine customer relations skills. If you are talented in either of these areas, you should have no problem finding work to do!

Consulting: Those in our culture that have a real understanding of how things work mechanically are fast disappearing.  Technology has transformed our culture (for better or worse) out of the industrial revolution and into the technological age. Oftentimes, those who worked in skilled trades throughout their career life can find work as consultants, teachers or trainers in the same line of work.  Boiler operators, electricians, carpenters, plumbers, etc. may find work in this niche.

Teachers/Tutors: If you are a natural teacher, there are a number of ways that you could find work.  Many towns are looking for community education teachers to teach classes in their specialty.  Tutoring work could be found at schools, colleges or even online.  There are a number of sites that are looking for English tutors online.  Google it and see if any of them would be the correct fit for you.  If none of these teaching opportunities suits you, you could always advertise for a class that you would like to teach and see if you have any takers.  “Old time” skills, such as sewing, canning, baking, knitting & crochet, small engine repair, cabinetry, seed saving, etc. are all desirable skills these days. Advertise that you'll teach one of these for a certain amount of money (or for free), and see if you don't find yourself employed fairly quickly!

Farmer's Markets: If you have gardening skills, or any number of crafting skills, you may find that setting up booths at local farmer's markets and fairs will help you to make ends meet, as well as ensuring that you stay active in the community.  Farmer's Markets are prevalent all throughout the country and are an excellent way to stay involved!

Child care:  It's not an option for everyone, but for some it can be an amazingly rewarding way of spending a few hours each day.  Determining which age child you'd be able to handle & for how long is of the utmost importance, then being clear with those you wish to offer this service to.  Be sure to set a wage ahead of time, and also determine whether they'll provide the food for lunches/snacks or if you'll need to do that.

History Buffs & Naturalists:  Many museums and state parks could be in need of help from seniors in this area.  If you are very interested in history & have a lot of knowledge in this area, you could offer your services as a tour guide at a local museum.  If you are interested in nature or natural history, there might be a natural history museum near you, or a state/national park at which you could find enjoyable employment as a tour guide or in other capacities.

Travel:  Are you a travel expert, or just highly interested in travel?  You may be able to make it as a travel agent.  Many people are looking for someone that can organize their travel for them & find them the best deals for their next adventure.  You might be the perfect person to do it for them!

Writing: Have you always wanted to try your hand at writing?  Now is the perfect time!  Try your hand at it & see if you get published by a traditional publishing house or create an e-book on a subject you're passionate about.  There are a number of ways to get your words out there that weren't available just a few years ago.

Above all, keep your eyes & ears open, keep learning new things and you'll be surprised at the opportunities afforded you as you seek meaningful employment.  You will be helping others with your gained experience and wisdom, and perhaps you will also gain something from them in the process!



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