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Non-Traditional Hobbies During Retirement

Think about how many hours that you've spent working at your job during your life.  Now think about all of those hours being to do whatever you want!  That's how most people envision retirement.  While these daydreams about endless hours of rest & relaxation can be enough motivation for us to put money into a retirement account, when they actually arrive, they can be daunting.  8-10 extra hours without a plan or anything to do can become boring at least & unhealthy at most.  But many people are not interested in gardening or knitting or woodworking.  So, what are some of the other options out there to keep us actively engaged in life & loving every minute?  Here are a few ideas to get your mind turning.

Animal breeding.  Aside from being a great hobby, this could also prove to create a little extra income.  Many people are looking for specific breeds of chickens or rabbits for specific purposes.  If you have any experience with raising animals & have found enjoyment from it, this might be a perfect hobby for you. 

Amateur HAM radio.  Communicating with others is a great benefit for people who engage in this activity.  Another great benefit is that you'll be prepared to be a communication link in case of an emergency or natural disaster.

Movie reviews.  If you are a movie buff, reviewing movies might be an enjoyable past-time. Whether you review them for friends & family or start your own blog with reviews for a certain type of viewer, your work will be appreciated by those who do not have lots of time on their hands to sift through sub-par movie content.

Flipping flea market finds.  If you like to shop, but cannot keep all of the items that you buy, this could be perfect for you.  Sticking to one area of collection can also be quite lucrative.  If you become the expert in that area, you could make a bit of extra spending cash.  For instance, if you research a certain type of book collection & then comb the shops for that specifically, you'll already know the prices that are being asked online & can flip them for profit with ease.  Profitable niches include wooden toys, educational books, old farm implements, etc.

Online gaming.  Keeping your mind engaged & helping you to interact with others in a team game can be beneficial for older people.

Drama.  Engaging in a community theater or improv comedy club can be extremely rewarding & give great joy to others at the same time!

Reading stories online.  Start a you tube channel on which you read your favorite children's stories to others!  You could start by reading them to grand or great-grandchildren.  Later expand, try out different props or voices & open the channel up to others to view!

Begin learning an instrument, a new language or an ancient handicraft.

Small engine repair.  If you like to get your hands dirty, try out repairing lawn mowers, weed eaters, snow blowers, etc. for entertainment.  You could also repair chainsaws, learning how to re-build carburetors & sharpen blades for all of those implements.  Your neighbors will be grateful & you might just learn a valuable skill!

Plant propagation.  Beyond gardening, this hobby can help you to learn all the ways that plants spread & give you a nearly unlimited landscape in your yard!  If you end up growing too many, you can sell the extra plants for cash!

Old card games, new era.  Try your hand at cribbage or bridge or some of the older group card games.  Look up rules if you are unfamiliar with them, then invite others over to play & have some refreshments.  It could become the hot, new, social engagement of the season!

Volunteer.  This is always a great way to pass the time & enrich the lives of others!

There are as many ways to find pleasure & fulfillment during retirement as there are people, finding your niche might take a while, or change over time, but don't give up!  It's worth every effort!

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