Low Energy and Passive Income Ideas for the Elderly


Everyone thinks that by the time Americans are retired, they should have plenty of money to live on from day to day & have living expenses all figured out.  This is becoming increasingly untrue as we watch Social Security ages rising.  Many people wonder how they will make ends meet, even with Social Security payments coming to them.  So, if you find yourself among those who are wondering what you can do to fix this problem without maintaining a 9-5 that you can no longer physically handle, read on!  Find ways that do not require long hours of physical labor, & in some cases, once you've set up a system you may not have to work on that project anymore, you'll just get paid for it!


  1. If you have a nice camera (or even a phone that takes nice photos) you can sign up to contribute to stock photo companies and get paid for your work. Continue to upload to your portfolio.  When people are buying your photos, you are getting paid!
  2. Storage Units. If you have a bit of capital up front, you can buy these units, then rent them out & rake in the dough.  Of course, it will require a little work...you'll have to take some calls & probably go and open up the unit for the customer initially, as well as checking on things from time to time.  Another potential income from the storage units would come from the unit owners who can not pay their bills, then you can hold an auction for the items inside.
  3. Rental Property. This also requires capital up front.  You'll need to hire someone to get everything up to code & you'll want to do a thorough check on anyone moving in to be sure that they will not destroy the place, but once you have a renter inside, you can put your feet up & accept the monthly payments that will benefit your bank account!
  4. Vending machines. There are some that require more maintenance than others. Some of the smallest, with the least amount of maintenance are spirit machines which go into high schools and sell sticker & other items with school mascots and colors.  Usually the schools that you place them into get a bit of a percentage of sales as an incentive for having them in the school.
  5. Check with a local florist to see if they have openings for those who are good at floral arrangements.  Sometimes they have need of extra help during holidays & wedding seasons.
  6. Tour guide. Sign up as a tour guide for a museum, park or national monument. Generally these jobs are seasonal & not physically demanding.
  7. If you have special skills that you've developed over time, consider offering your knowledge on subjects to those who are just starting off.  Everything from accounting, sewing, small engine repair to advertising can be marketed for consultation without you having to go back to full time, daily grind work!

Be creative!  Think outside the box.  If you've taken an interest in watercolor, see if you can sell it online or in a local gallery.  Do things that you enjoy & see where it leads you.  For possibly the first time in your life, you have time to sit and observe & think about what might work.  Take advantage of that time & make the most of your golden years to have fun while making money!