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On June 28th, 2019 by Chassidy Greaver

Most people are aware that community is healthy for elderly citizens.  Our article on loneliness discussed some practical ways that seniors can combat the routine loneliness that tries to overtake them.  All of those ideas are important, but the community aspect of senior life is one of the most important because without at least a […]


On March 7th, 2019 by Chassidy Greaver

   Forgetfulness seems to be a problem in the aging population.  Honestly, it’s become a problem in people much younger than ever before.  Things like stress, lack of sleep and underactive thyroid can be underlying issues when it comes to forgetfulness, as can alcohol use.  In this article we’ll be talking about common forgetfulness, not […]


On February 25th, 2019 by Chassidy Greaver

Adventure is necessary to mental health.  Don’t believe me?  Why do we read books?  Why do we watch movies?  There may not be extreme adventures, but there is almost always some bit of adventure that makes the story appealing to us.  We love stories, because we long for that adventure, even if we are simultaneously […]


On January 10th, 2019 by Chassidy Greaver

It is a new year.  With all things new, we tend to have our hopes set very high.  It is common, especially when the year is at it’s start to have high hopes for the things that will change in the coming year.  The bad habits that we’ve formed over the past years, we hope […]


On December 31st, 2018 by Chassidy Greaver

If you are lucky enough to live in a place where the snow falls across the landscape periodically in the winter, you know what newness looks like.  For those of you who do not, you’ll have to use your imagination. Imagine the fall season, when everything looks beautiful for awhile.  This quickly gives way to […]


On December 11th, 2018 by Chassidy Greaver

I was recently speaking with a woman who told me of her own mother's life.  Her mother lived until age 96, and she was the primary caregiver to a loved one with special needs until she was aged 90!  I was so impressed by this that I decided to look into the average age of […]


On September 6th, 2018 by Chassidy Greaver

Most of us have had a major health crisis come up at some point in our lives or another.  Aging seems to add to the burden on our bodies to the point that things that used to just annoy us begin changing our lives.  A little insomnia, a back ache, an irregular heart beat, shortness […]


On August 27th, 2018 by Chassidy Greaver

Many people think that aging adults need less sleep than the average adult. Research suggests that this is not the case, however & that aging adults actually need as much as sleep as young adults do. 7-9 hours of sleep is necessary for most people over the age of 20. In general, aging adults tend […]


On July 31st, 2018 by Chassidy Greaver

Some say that relationships are the very stuff of life.  Others say that you can only depend upon yourself to find fulfillment.  While I’m sure that no one quite knows for sure, I suspect that there is truth in both statements. Loneliness is a very real thing for many aging seniors.  Isolation that is brought […]


On July 16th, 2018 by Chassidy Greaver

  The benefits of stretching have become fairly well-known in more recent years.  There is a time period, however, when these benefits were not commonly known or talked about.  That time period is one in which many of our elderly friends and neighbors grew up.  The benefits of hard work & fiscal responsibility were talked […]


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