Medical Alert Systems, What, Why & When?

The 21st century is perhaps one of the best times in which a person can grow older.  The health care is better than it has ever been.  Patients have more rights now that they was normal even a few decades ago.  Technology has improved quality & length of life for most elderly people.  That technology has also made it possible for the aging to live on their own or with minimal assistance for longer if they so choose.  One of the most common ways in which it does this is through the use of medical alert systems.

Medical alert systems can help an older adult live on their own, but still feel somewhat secure in case of emergency.  They have a way of contacting someone for help at all times, just in case they need it. Family members feel more secure knowing that their loved one will not have fallen in inclement weather without them being alerted.

There are a variety of brands of medical alert systems available on the market.  Some of them are quite well-known, while others are less so.  Almost all of them involve the patient wearing a necklace or a pendant of some kind that has a button on it that they can use to call for help if they need it.  In years past, these were linked directly to the fire department or ambulance so that if the wearer pushed it, emergency services were paged out immediately.

More recent additions to this technology include the ability to locate the person using GPS, in case they fell in a difficult to find place-such as a basement or a back garden.  They also include automatic fall detection.  If the person falls & is unresponsive, many systems will notify those on their list.

If they are reluctant to pay for expensive emergency services for every fall, they also have systems available that will contact people from their list first, such as a neighbor or relative, before paging out emergency personnel.  This can shorten the time that the person is in a dangerous situation, & also make it less likely that they'll have to spend time in hospital.

Medical alert systems are a wonderful idea for anyone reaching old age, but who is still wanting to live with less assistance, if possible.  It can give everyone involved the peace of mind that they need in order to live life to the fullest!