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Should I Try to Provide Elderly Care for my Family Member?

Right now is an unprecedented time in the history of our country.

  • The number of elderly is fairly staggering & is on the rise.
  • By 2060 it is estimated that there will be 98 million citizens in America that are over the age of 65.

For those who are sandwiched between having children in the home and parents that require elderly care Albuquerque, there are a number of questions that should be asked and answered before making a final decision regarding care.

Am I emotionally strong enough to deal with everything going on in my life while adding the extra care of another person to my load?

For some, the answer will be yes. For others, there may need to be a time of letting go of other responsibilities in order to accommodate care of another person. For still others, the answer would be an emphatic no due to all of their current responsibilities and stresses. Only you will be able to determine whether the situation would be a beneficial one for you and your loved one.

Am I physically strong enough to deal with the extra care that they will need?

Perhaps, at first, the physical strains would be within your capability. If that is so, continue to plan for the future for when there may be needs to which you cannot tend to comfortably or safely. Determine, with your family member, where the line is to be drawn and when you may need to seek out and assisted living facility or and elderly care facility.

Is it financially feasible for my family?

Adding one more person to the family dynamic may not seem like a large expenditure at first thought, but be sure to count the cost before jumping in. There are certainly hidden costs that are incurred by those who are offering a home and care to a family member, and it is better to consider these before agreeing to an arrangement in which you may find yourself unable to adequately cover their needs.

Will this arrangement be positive for all parties involved?

If the answer to this question is no, then please find another arrangement. There is a large amount of strain and stress that could be avoided in elder care situations if this question was answered honestly. There are a number of other alternatives to caring for them in your home that would create a more positive environment. Assisted living communities are a great alternative to elderly care in the home and can provide excellent care, while also offering autonomy and independence.

Only you can answer the questions above, but you owe it to yourself and your family member to answer them in honesty & thoroughly before taking another step forward.

Then you will be able to move ahead in confidence, knowing that you have their best interests & the best interest of your family in mind.


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