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Grandfather sits with his Grandson

On July 18th, 2024 by Geoffrey

Grandparents and the Elderly are part of everyone's lives and have a significant impact on how our lives are started. As we reflect on the magnitude of this and the value and wisdom that our grandparents and elderly family members bring to our lives, we at BeeHive Homes, we hold them close to our hearts. […]


An elderly couple discussing life

On July 11th, 2024 by Geoffrey

At BeeHive Homes, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional care and creating a warm, homelike environment for our residents. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the heartfelt testimonials and reviews we receive from residents and their families. These testimonials not only validate our efforts but also inspire us to continually improve and uphold the […]


Grandchild visiting grandmother at BeeHive Homes

On July 5th, 2024 by Geoffrey

In the golden years of our lives, maintaining close ties with family isn't just a comfort — it's essential for emotional well-being. At BeeHive Homes, we understand the importance of these connections, and we're dedicated to creating and supporting opportunities for families to come together. Here's how we help our residents stay close and connected […]


Independence Day Imagery

On June 26th, 2024 by Geoffrey

Independence Day is a cherished American holiday, synonymous with family gatherings, fireworks, and parades. At BeeHive Homes, the Fourth of July is an opportunity to celebrate this significant day with our residents, creating an environment of joy and patriotism that resonates with all, especially our honored veterans. Here's a look at how we embrace the […]


Emotional Intelligence - two minds communicating

On June 10th, 2024 by Geoffrey

In a recent presentation to BeeHive Homes franchise owners, Michael Manning, COO of BeeHive Homes of New Mexico delivered an impactful session on emotional intelligence and its profound effect on communication. Here are are a few of the key takeaways from his presentation: Understanding Instincts Michael Manning emphasized that our brains are hardwired with instincts […]


She lived a Good and Full Life

On June 10th, 2024 by Geoffrey

At BeeHive Homes, we strive every day to create a supportive and compassionate environment for our residents. It's always touching to hear directly from families who have noticed and appreciated this effort. We recently received a heartfelt letter from Bruce, whose mother was a cherished resident at our Gallup location for over two and a […]


Celebrating Memorial Day

On May 24th, 2024 by Geoffrey

Memorial Day is a time of reflection and gratitude, dedicated to honoring those who have made significant sacrifices for our country and our communities. At BeeHive Homes, this day holds a special place in our hearts as it provides a wonderful opportunity to celebrate and serve the elders of this lifetime—our residents. These individuals have […]


Caregiver comforting elderly resident

On May 8th, 2024 by Geoffrey

National Nurses Appreciation Week is a special time at BeeHive Homes, dedicated to recognizing and celebrating the dedication, compassion, and excellence of our nursing staff. As a cornerstone of our care community, nurses, Certified Nurse Aids (CNAs) and all our caregivers play an invaluable role in ensuring the health and happiness of our residents. This […]


Two elderly gamers

On April 26th, 2024 by Geoffrey

At BeeHive Homes, we understand the challenges faced by individuals with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Our dedicated memory care programs are designed to not only provide a safe and nurturing environment but also to actively enhance cognitive function and quality of life through innovative strategies and therapies. Tailored Cognitive Activities Our approach to boosting cognitive […]


Compassionate caregiver assisting elderly woman to dress

On April 20th, 2024 by Geoffrey

Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) encompass the essential tasks that are part of everyday life, such as eating, bathing, dressing, toileting, and mobility. As we age, these tasks can become challenging, and the need for assistance increases. At BeeHive Homes, we understand the importance of support in these areas and offer 24/7 assistance to ensure […]


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