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On September 23rd, 2022 by Geoffrey

Each year, flu season shows up more quickly than we may expect. Preparing for each flu season is always a good idea, especially for those at a higher risk for more serious infections, such as seniors and those with underlying health issues. The team at BeeHive Homes has a few tips we suggest you follow […]


BeeHive Homes Health Baselines

On September 10th, 2022 by Geoffrey

As you age, it’s important to keep track of certain things related to your health to ensure you live a long, happy, healthy life and can live independently at home for many years. You can establish health baselines with your doctor as you approach retirement; that way, you have something to compare to as you […]


On August 31st, 2022 by Geoffrey

You may have heard of the ketogenic (or keto) diet, a low carb-high fat diet that studies have shown can help you lose weight and potentially help with diabetes, epilepsy and other diseases. The question we'd like to explore is what do these high fat diet's impact have on the brain? A recently published study […]


On August 24th, 2022 by Geoffrey

If you’re helping care for an aging parent the idea of long term care insurance may come up. Typically, long term care insurance is purchased when adults are between 50 and 65 years of age. The later it is purchased the higher the premium, but the earlier it is purchased the longer that premium will […]


On August 19th, 2022 by Geoffrey

Arthritis may be a common problem among older individuals, especially the elderly; however, it does not have to be as taxing on the body as one may think. There are many steps that can be taken for managing arthritis that can help alleviate the symptoms. About 1 in 4 adults in the US are diagnosed […]


On August 11th, 2022 by Geoffrey

In most living creatures, their longevity is closely tied to reproduction. Life is about having offspring, and once that no longer happens, life usually ends. But not so with humans. Why? Lets talk about the importance of elders. A recent research paper from the University of California – Santa Barbara says the long post-reproductive lifespan […]


On August 5th, 2022 by Geoffrey

Journaling has many benefits, from helping you reduce stress to motivating you in personal growth. Psychologists also point to mental health benefits for those who write journals. By making journaling a regular habit, you can see how much you have grown by reading previous entries. In the BeeHive Home community, we encourage you to keep […]


On July 26th, 2022 by Geoffrey

It’s important for all of us to keep moving, like the old saying goes: “Move it or lose it!” So what is the best exercise for the elderly? Increasingly, research shows how regular exercise and physical activity is important for senior adults, helping protect against heart disease, strokes, diabetes; improve mental health and quality of […]


On July 19th, 2022 by Geoffrey

In 2022, the inflation rate is hovering above 8%. That means that the purchasing power of a dollar is buying about 8% less than it did a year ago. For seniors living on a fixed income, that’s particularly concerning. Seniors are more likely to spend money on things that are increasing in price, such as […]


On July 10th, 2022 by Geoffrey

The value of sunshine cannot be overstated. There are many great benefits of sunshine for you or your elderly loved one. Time spent in the sun can help with many conditions that can occur during the natural aging process and lifestyle changes. At BeeHive Homes of New Mexico, we plan social gatherings and activities that […]


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