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Approximately 41.8 percent of assisted care residents across our country have Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia or memory loss.

The Alzheimer’s Association and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reveal that over 5.2 million Americans are included in this group, with these numbers expected to triple by 2050.

Memory loss can be difficult not only for the person whom it affects but for the families of that person as well.

It manifests itself uniquely in each individual and is progressive in its advancement. Individuals with Alzheimer’s or dementia in its early stages may be able to function fairly independently; as the condition advances, however, more oversight and assistance may be required with daily living activities. In keeping with its 27-year-old history of providing exceptional senior care, BeeHive Homes residential care recognizes the need to accommodate the growing number of seniors affected by memory loss conditions and diseases like Alzheimer’s.

To elicit the most positive response from the residents and their families, individual differences and needs must be recognized and appreciated.

The professional staff at BeeHive Homes of senior care albuquerque assesses residents not only upon joining the BeeHive family but again on a regular basis to ascertain each person’s specific needs, which, of course, may change over time.

Family concerns typically center around

1) the resident’s physical safety,

and 2) the resident’s security in terms of personal belongings and confidentiality.

BeeHive Homes prides itself on maintaining a professional staff of individuals who have high work ethics and true compassion and love for their residents and their jobs.

BeeHive Homes residents enjoy small, familiar environments where they can always feel safe and secure.

The communication lines between BeeHive Homes and its residents and their families are informative, empathetic, and confidential.

Sensory stimuli are necessary to promote expressive communication and interaction.

  • Music and art, for example, can play multiple roles as brain “exercises,” forms of self-expression, and links to the past for memory stimulation.
  • Staying active is hugely beneficial to memory loss residents, and BeeHive Homes provides a wide of variety of activities to accommodate all preferences—those who prefer a more social scene as well as those who enjoy time alone.

The importance of family interaction cannot be overlooked.

  • Children are a valued connection to the past and provide a positive vision for the future.
  • At BeeHive Homes, the doors are always open for family members and close friends.
  • Pets may also play a major role in the life of a resident; and, in many cases, can remain an active part in that resident’s life.

Many BeeHive facilities encourage the bond that an animal might provide in supporting a quality life style for a resident.

The ultimate goal is to give each resident a sense of belonging and purpose.

Our staff is trained to recognize individual preferences and needs so that each resident feels appreciated and valued.

BeeHive Homes are geared to provide the one-on-one attention on which residents can thrive—and isn’t that what we all enjoy?

Visit a BeeHive Home! We would love to show you around and answer any questions you might have.

Amenities vary from one home to another, but generally memory residents enjoy the following and more:

  • Furnished rooms with attached private bathrooms to create a familiar environment
  • Keypad entry/exit system to assure safety and security
  • Emergency call response system in each room
  • Activities and outings designed to promote expressive communication and interaction—staying active is hugely beneficial to memory loss residents.
  • BeeHive Homes provides a wide variety of activities to accommodate all preferences—those who prefer a more social scene as well as those who enjoy time alone
  • Community dining room where three delicious, dietitian-approved meals are served daily; snacks are available throughout the day
  • Community gathering area to promote socializing and interaction
  • Daily housekeeping and weekly laundry services for maintenance-free living

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BeeHive Village is a premier Albuquerque Assisted Living facility and the perfect transition from an independent living facility or environment.


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