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What Others Are Saying About BeeHive Assisted Living Homes of Santa Fe
What Others Are Saying About Beehive Homes

Paline A. and Rosalinda S.

Dear BeeHive Staff,

BeeHive was our Mom's home for the last year and a half of her life. She always wanted to go home, an obvious impossibility, but was content with the friends she had made among the the residents and staff. She was given the respect and compassionate care that she deserved, even on her most difficult days.

My sister and I were often there and were always extended the utmost courtesy and assistance. The staff seemed to adopt us. toward the end when we were keeping a 24 hour vigil, all of the staff always made sure that we had something to eat and a place to sleep.

It was very clear that our Mother was much for than just a resident to all of you; you treated her as if she was your Grandmother. We were so appreciative that so many of you attended the funeral. that says so much about the wonderful people you are.

We will all be eternally grateful for all you have done.
Assisted Living in Santa Fe, NM

The Wilks Family

Dear BeeHive Staff,

When we were looking for a place to take care of Richard, we toured numerous facilities. From the moment that we walked in your front door we knew that BeeHive was the place that we wanted him to stay and that you were the people that we wanted taking care of him. Time proved that we made the right decision.

You were kind, gentle, and attentive. You were all these things, not just to Richard but to all of us. You fed us when we were hungry and listened when we needed to talk. You told us the difficult truths when most people would have avoided the conversation. You were loving, which is the rarest of all things.

Thank you for helping us care for the man who cared for us for so many years. He was a Husband, Father, Grandfather, and Father-In-Law. He was everything to us. We are so grateful.
Senior Care in Santa Fe, NM

Melanie S.

Dear BeeHive Staff,

Margene was a resident at BeeHive since February 2016. She was reluctant as most are, but she found great comfort in the excellent care that she received over these many months.

We, as a family, want to let you know how much it helped us to trust that she was in a caring hands.
During her final few days and moments, you were there for my daughter and I. You cared for us and Margene. You showed at all times compassion and respect for her. We were truly blessed to have you caring for her and for us.

Thank you is not enough. We are so grateful to have had you all there everyday and night.

God bless
Dementia Care in Santa Fe, NM
Our Santa Fe Assisted Living Location

BeeHive Assisted Living Homes of Santa Fe

3838 Thomas Rd.
Santa Fe, NM 87507
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BeeHive Assisted Living Homes of Santa Fe

In keeping with its 27-year-old history of providing exceptional assisted living in Santa Fe, NM. BeeHive Homes recognizes the need to accommodate the growing number of senior care in Santa Fe offers a smaller home with 12-16 rooms for a homier more comfortable atmosphere, yet having plenty of privacy for our residents. The communication lines between BeeHive Homes and its residents and their families are informative, empathetic, and confidential. At BeeHive Homes, the doors are always open for family members and close friends. At BeeHive Assisted Living Homes of Santa Fe, you can feel comfortable that your loved one is in the best hands, safe and secure. Visit a BeeHive Home! We would love to show you around and answer any questions you might have.

Assisted Living Services Santa Fe : Assisted care residents across our country have Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia or memory loss. At BeeHive Homes, the doors are always open for family members and close friends. Pets may also play a major role in the life of a resident; and, in many cases, can remain an active part in that resident’s life. 

Alzheimer's Care Services Santa Fe : If that is the case, do not put off planning for a future date at which you may be even more overwhelmed or stressed that you are currently. Begin now by looking into assisted living facilities for Alzheimer's patients or nursing homes for Alzheimer's patients. You will thank yourself later for having made the path a smoother one for both of you to walk on.

Memory Care Services Santa Fe : Find the right memory care strategy for your family member. Talk with others who have experienced something similar. Join a support group for those who are currently walking this path. Do internet research to find out as much as you can about the illness and what you can do to make it a smoother transition for you and the one you care about.

Elderly Care Services Santa Fe :  If that is so, continue to plan for the future for when there may be needs to which you cannot tend to comfortably or safely. Determine, with your family member, where the line is to be drawn and when you may need to seek out and assisted living facility or and elderly care facility.

Dementia Care Services Santa Fe : The early stages of dementia are often unrecognisable for family members and doctors alike, because in those stages, the dementia patient resembles the rest of us. There is basic forgetfulness, but nothing which would raise red flags.

Santa Fe Accommodations & Services
  • Excellent resident to staff ratios to ensure personalized care
  • 24-hour care and assistance
  • Home-cooked meals
  • Pendent emergency call system
  • Cable TV access (requires a cable-ready set)
  • Private telephone jack or use of house phone
  • Trained staff, including dementia care
  • Large room accommodates an individual or a couple
  • Linen, laundry, and daily housekeeping services
  • Electronic security in Alzheimer’s/dementia secured assisted living homes and enclosed yards and patios.
  • Family home environment
  • Medication administration and assistance
  • Individualized and group daily activities
  • Private room (furnished or unfurnished) with individual three-quarter bathroom
  • Assistance with bathing, dressing, personal care, and other activities of daily living
  • Both senior assisted living homes and Alzheimer’s/dementia secured assisted living homes, for cognitively impaired residents
  • Inviting large living room, dining area, kitchen, patio, porch, and convenient bathing area
Additional BeeHive Homes of
Assisted Living Santa Fe
Paid Services Available
(payable to service provider):
  • Beautician/Barber services
  • Pedicures
  • Private Phone
  • Nursing services provided by a Home Health Care Agency
  • Home Health Care Agency and Hospice services
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About Us

BeeHive Assisted Living Homes of Santa Fe

The professional staff at BeeHive Homes assesses residents not only upon joining the BeeHive family but again on a regular basis to ascertain each person’s specific needs, which, of course, may change over time. BeeHive Homes prides itself on maintaining a professional staff of individuals who have high work ethics and true compassion and love for their residents and their jobs. BeeHive Homes residents enjoy small, familiar environments where they can always feel safe and secure. 
BeeHive Assisted Living Homes of Santa Fe offers the finest of assisted living in Santa Fe, NM. At BeeHive Village we strive to bring the comforts of home into our assisted living home. We do this with meaningful relationships, home-cooked meals, and healthy and rejuvenating activities. Our Santa Fe assisted living truly is a wonderful home-like environment making that transition from independent living much easier. We invite you to come and visit our assisted living in Santa Fe, NM and feel what truly makes BeeHive Village assisted living the next best place to home.
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BeeHive Assisted Living Homes of Santa Fe
3838 Thomas Rd 
Santa Fe, NM 87507
Telephone : 505-629-1714
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