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Security Issues for Seniors

This day and age, the news is ripe with all types of frightening scenarios.  Assaults, breaking and entering, & identity theft are among the top concerns of people living throughout our nation today.  As we age, it can become even more frightening.  Generally speaking, we have less ability to fight back physically & may have less of an understanding of all the rapidly changing technology.  Below, I’ll give you a few things to begin thinking about with regards to security in & away from home & online.

Inside your home.  Prioritize this area of security first since it is closest to your person.  Begin with household security.  Check locks on doors & windows.  Consider installing an extra chain or deadbolt on doors.  Be sure that you check your basement & attic windows to be sure that their secure.  Install lights around the perimeter of your yard & outbuildings.  Well-lit areas deter people with ill intent.  Inside of your house, be sure you have emergency numbers on speed dial on both your landline and your cell phone.  If you are able to install a security system, it may give you peace of mind, but oftentimes in smaller towns, a friendly relationship with your neighbors is a much simpler & better solution to security.  You watch out for them, & they’ll watch out for you.  If you plan to leave for a while, alert a trusted neighbor so they can keep an eye on your place.  Also invest in a couple of light timers.  Put them on different lamps in your home or on a radio in a room you use often so that they’ll go on in the evening & deter thieves.

Away from home.  If you are travelling to heavily populated areas, there are a few things that you can do to keep yourself safe.  First off, remember to keep your car doors locked unless you feel secure in your surroundings.  Survey the area before you get out of the vehicle & only then should you get out.  When you come back to your vehicle survey the area again.  You needn’t be afraid, just use your good sense.  If something doesn’t seem right, be aware.  Women traveling with purses be cautious in larger crowds.  Keep your purse close to your person, & try wrapping the strap around your wrist.  Inside of your purse, you may consider taking pepper spray with you, although if you are robbed, chances are that you’ll never have a chance to use it.  In the event of a mugging, it’s a much safer option to just hand over you purse or wallet and get to a phone to call 911 as quickly as you can.

Online security begins with setting up your accounts.  Any new account that you set up should begin with a strong password. It should include symbols, numbers & letters. Do not use the same password for every account.  You can keep a notebook to track passwords online.  You should also change the password periodically.  Next, look into the settings for the account that you’re setting up.  You can often choose who can see the things that you post on your account, who cannot see it, & what you’d like to be notified of.  If you have all of those areas covered you should have very little trouble with your online accounts.  If you do banking & bill paying online, the settings & notifications are very important.  The bank will notify you based upon the options that you choose.  If there is anything fishy, they will call the number that you put into the account for emergencies & questions.

The purpose of this article is not to scare or coerce, but simply to point out a few areas that require little effort that could have a big impact on your security.  The most important skill to hone is simply awareness.  If you are aware of what is going on around you, you can often prevent anything harmful. 


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