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Benefits of Nature During the Aging Process | Beehive

Aging can take a toll on us, even if we're healthy individuals.  It is very rare in today's world, however, for those who are aging to escape problems that go along with it.  Often, disease can cause more difficulty than any toll that the normal wear and tear of the years has done.  While a simple walk in the park may not turn back the biological clock, in the following article, we're going to take a look at a few ways that getting into nature can help you alleviate some of the symptoms of common diseases or problems often associated with aging.

-Hypertension.  There is something incredibly soothing about walking, or even sitting in nature that can calm nerves & slow heart rates.  It has been shown to reduce blood pressure.  Light exercise has been shown to have the same effect.  So, whether it's taking a walk or working for awhile in the garden, get outside for a bit & feel the benefits!

-Diabetes.  Being in nature requires a bit of effort from us.  You can use those natural surroundings to fight against a very common disease that accompanies aging, diabetes.  Walking or biking through the park on a regular basis, or simply puttering around in the yard can help regulate your blood sugars.  If you garden, you can get a “two for one special” with exercise, plus having fresh, healthful fruits and vegetables to supplement your diet.

-Dementia.  How could nature help with dementia, you ask?  It's quite simple, although it does take a bit of effort at the outset. Bring along a book of birds, trees or flowers while you spend time out of doors.  Challenge yourself while you are out by finding and identifying the things you see.  The next time you are out, see if you can remember what they were before looking them up again.  Many of those in #dementia care facilities could benefit from this.  Something this simple can be done in almost any setting, from rural to urban.  If outdoor spaces are not readily available, it would also be feasible to do with indoor plants and garden plants.  Another great addition to this exercise would be to find books of poetry that address the beautiful things that you find while you are on your excursions.

-General Health.  Most people are aware that outdoor air is less polluted than indoor air.  Therefore, it stands to reason that anyone experiencing lung problems would benefit from more time outdoors.  Vitamin D from the sun is also a healthful benefit of spending time outdoors.  Vitamin D helps with the absorption of calcium, helps regulate sleep & gives a general sense of well-being.

Certainly, there are a number of benefits from being in nature at any age.  As we grow older, it becomes more challenging to spend times outdoors than it was when we were younger.  But, consider, if you will, all of the different ways that it could improve your health & life. Then, get out in nature and start enjoying life!



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